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Click and drag your mouse to edit the beats.

Copy the url in your browser to save or share your creation.

=== Changelog ===

Version 0.6: For truly seamless loops in a fraction of the space, save to ogg.

Version 0.5: Be more dynamic with note accents.
Tip: Use your mouse wheel to change the accents.
Advanced tip: Hold down Shift and click or drag your mouse to copy accent levels.

Version 0.4: Practice with your ipod. Save your beats to a wav or mp3 file.
(please be patient, file creation may be a little slow)

Version 0.3: Looking for inspiration? Use our gnomish beat algorithms to generate a beat randomly or from a text string.

Version 0.2: Now with hash tags! Your beats get saved into the url address.
You can use your browser's back button to undo your changes.